Our culture

The thougths of the individuel people that work at CloudsWork defines the collective culture of who we are. We build online shops, but what defines us? What are our principles?

Open & Transparant

No secrets, no hidden fees, project based projects. You are in control.

Entrepreneurship is an adventure

We experience this everyday and we love it.

Help each other

The best gift we can give as humans.


The best experience there is. Everyone should experience this. Our goal.

Be you

You are the best version of yourself. Enjoy it! We do!


Difficult in a fast changing world. Not when working together.


On your goal. On your vision. Don’t get distracted. Never!

Privacy is important

Yours. Your business. We care about this. Always!

Have fun

Celebrate. The big & small things in life. Just do it!

The foundation

You know what you want and have your ambitions clear. You know your product and your goals best. We know that you are the most important link in the whole experience of your product. This seems like a valid conclusion, but we know by experience this is often not recognized by web developers. We shifted our motivation and workflow and we always try hard to listen extremely well before sharing our extensive knowledge.


We like to work in believing that success lies in the combination of your ambition and our technology. That way an innovative strength is created in which the needs of tomorrow will already become reality today.

Our goal: building meaningfull products

We work with remote teams. With people around the world. Our headoffice is located in Amsterdam.
We are very proud to serve beautiful clients from all over the world. From Dubai to London, from Singapore to Barcelona. We work with big and small brands. Diversity is what inspires us.

We are here building a company where we want to inspire people around us with. In which we focus on quality over quantity and always helping each other.

CloudsWork in 3 years

Our goal is to be a full service agency. And we are more then half way. This starts with being able to support you in developing your ideas, develop it to a minimal viable product and then launch it. From there we develop more features and meanwhile deliver support. Then we are expanding with new markting services, with focus on creating a story that fits your brand.

Over those years we have built a machine, to develop ideas and grow them really fast.

Ready to join our journey?

Have any questions? We listen

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