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February 9, 2017 - No Comments!

And the winner is……

Social contest for non profit organization
With my active involvement on daily basis at CloudsWork, we will automatically be involved to another industry as well, the nonprofit sector.  As I have been involved in many nonprofit organizations during my life and still love to support them. 
Work with your head ánd heart is what we all need and I like to let everybody know, we should work like this within CloudsWork and all over the world. The world needs your passion!
For this reason, we, at CloudsWork, organized a contest in our direct surrounding. We offered the nonprofit organizations to win’ a website build by CloudsWork and Moij (our design Team in Amsterdam). 
The organizations could introduce themselves with their mission statement and a short story about their passion and goals. Next step for us was to select the best 3 organizations and they could present themselves before a Jury of Sven from Moij and Lyda from CloudsWork. And we also asked 3 other passionate entrepreneurs to join us for this selection. Daniel Storm from Switch (marketing), Martijn van Dalen, he owns the local business magazine Venen into business,  and Karin Wateler, she connects entrepreneurs and nonprofits locally.
All three organizations had wonderful goals and ambitions, but the winner to us was Troup A’dour. Their passion is classical music and they like to reach out to as many people, to let them know the beauty of this music. Especially children, most children don’t even know what a composer’ is’, told Irina from Troup A’dour, that’s why they need to hear classical music as the basic of all music.
For Troup A’dour we are going to make an interactive platform, specially to reach out to children, so they can get acquainted with the great composers from our history….
This is the result of our journey with TroupA’dour

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