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PF Concept & Xindao Product Importer for the promotional products resellers


Quite some time ago we started developing webshops dedicated to the promotional products market. This as a point of focus aside our "generic" webshop developments. We learned a lot since then.

We believe that our beginners mind helped a lot in doing things differently. With this update we start a new chapter, based on all the lessons we learned.

Together with PF Concept we built our custom made solution on top of Magento.

If you work in the promotional business, there is a big chance that you will be familiar with PF Concept. They are one of the biggest promotional product suppliers in the world.

With the solution we developed, it’s really easy to import the complete PFC products portfolio into our E-commerce platform with all essential information about product specifications and pricing, imprint methods, pricing and location and live stock information from several warehouses all over in the world.

From this point you can run your own webshop including all the content you need based on our technology.

You can start selling brands like:
• Bullet
• Dunlop
• Slazenger
• Marksman
• BRIGHTravels
• Dunlop
• Label
• US Basics
and many more …

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your costumers to order promotional products for there business.

Earlier this year we also launched another promotional product supplier .
Besides that you have full acces to the catalogue of PF Concept, also all the products from Xindao can be imported as required automatically.
Xindao is well known for their nicely designed products, for example the Bobby bag. They won several Red Dot product design awards and we are exited being able to make those products now available to you too. 
If you want to sell your own products besides those of PF Concept and Xindao, that it is of course possible as well, including your own product stock, with all functionalities we are offering.
If you are looking to setup your online promotional shop we are of course available to answer your questions. 
We also just announced that our import tools are also available as a separate tool. So if you already have a reliable webshop, which works on all mobile devices and is fast and ready for the future you can use our importer to import products from PF Concept and Xindao.

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Mobile Upgrade is here!


Yes, its true. After a lot of rumour we can say the mobile update for the shop is ready. It’s a big step towards a more mobile, future friendly platform

We worked on a lot of small issues, we completely rebuild the navigation and we changed some important pages like the login page.

The main focus on this update was to improve the readability and how you and your costumers interact with the shop.

If you are interested in a demo we would love to send you more information or we can schedule a call to discuss the details about this upgrade

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We’ve improved the search – it’s available now

This week we were searching for new content for our weekly product update. So we like to share our new features we have developed and haven’t told you about, yet.

There are different ways to how people interact with a webshop. One of the underestimated features is the search. Research shows - that people use the search tool often, to find for what they are looking for.

Having a great search can improve the conversion and user experience which are both extremely important for online shops.

The search is better because:
It’s faster
Better results
Automatic suggestion for better user experience (i.e. "Did you mean?" feature)
Dropdown with more information (images, price, SKU, product title)
User can directly search for a product, instead of list page
We think its a great new feature which, if you are interested, can be installed in your webshop.
If you want to know more, feel free to contact us, so we can give you a live demo.

Aside from this product update we are always interested to hear from your experience.
What can we do to help you grow your online business?

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Support and knowledge portal

Your CloudShop Promo is based on the Magento platform, with multiple extensions built by CloudShop, specially for the promotional business.

Magento is the most popular commerce platform in the world, with more than 250,000 merchants around the globe selling more and driving innovation.

Consumer behavior is changing every day. Today’s bleeding edge innovation will be tomorrow’s table stakes. It’s important to adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns.

However understanding how Magento works needs some amount of technical knowledge!
We already improved the basics of Magento by building many ‘friendly’ modules to make the configuration of your shop easier and less time consuming.
But to simplify the process even further we have now developed the CloudShop Promo support portal:

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Do you want more traffic to your Promo webshop? Introducing Pop-up

For the past several months we have been working on something exciting. Our clients need a way to target specific groups of people, for a specific range of promotional products. In other words; our clients need to be able to create a marketing one-page website relatively fast.

In Magento our clients could achieve this by making a separate CMS page. Magento isn’t made for this so this process is slow, frustrating and the end result is often disappointing.

That’s why we’ve created Pop-up. Pop-up is a WordPress theme that serves as a companion for your WaaS. Once setup and configured you can build an one-pager, almost as easy as building something with Lego. This is because it works with components, which you can stack on top of each other via the WordPress back-end.

Hoodies are in high demand
Let’s say you want to make a marketing site for selling branded hoodies. You would request a Pop-up store, which we will setup and configure for you, and you can start building your one-pager. This one-pager is located at With this URL you can target an audience on Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

But typing out product information, exporting and importing the product images into WordPress and double checking this for any mistakes isn’t fast and isn’t fun. That’s why we integrated all PF and Xindao products into our Pop-up theme via a custom made API.

This enables you to fill in the SKU of the product you want to show and Pop-up will take it from there. It will show your visitors the product name, image, description and maybe a button that links to the product in your WaaS.

While this integration is still in early beta, we started designing components for Pop-up as we speak.

Getting started with Pop-up and the WaaS API
If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Pop-up and the API or have any ideas about how to improve the product, please give us a call or drink some coffee with us!

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