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Troup A’dour

And ……..Troup A’dour is live!
We told you about our contest in our home town.. one of the many nonprofit organizations could win a Website’ and Troup A’dour won.
Their artistic founder is Irina Parfenova. With her and two members of the board/team Bas and Andre we had several inspiring meetings. Their main mission is to spread the music, classical music. Irina is a pianist with an education at conservatory in Moscow and The Hague.
The most important group to them are children, as especially children should know about the classical music. Where does classical music fit into the landscape of children? If you listen to classical music at an early age, even if at the age of say, eight or nine to 20, they go off into that world [of popular music] if you come back to it, it’s the same as learning another language early, she said. They come back to it.
Isn’t that a beautiful goal we would love to give our contribution to?
Especially as we started this journey with our young team members,  very talented trainees Tom (frontend) developer, Twan (backend and advice) developer, Mariska designer and with guidance of Sven (art director) from Moij.
It was a great adventure as they will tell you shortly…
This is the result!
Of course we don’t stop with our relation with Troup A’dour, we will continue to assist them. Sven would like to add several great features to make this site more interactive and as common goal to make the classical music better known among children and their parents. 
When Mariska showed me the design she made for the new site I got really excited. I wanted to start working on the site as soon as I could because it would give me the chance to learn a lot of new things in WordPress and also work with lots of shapes and features together.
The hardest part of making the new website was making sure it would look good on different devices and work properly as well, and also loading for example event data on certain places to make the interaction as pleasant as possible for the users.
I enjoyed meetings with Irina, Bas and Andre, to show the progress of the website and to take their feedback to make the website even better.
I became really inspired when I heard about Troupe A’dour:  a new cultural adventure of creating a website about music and kids, which are both things I really love. I wanted to create a real life experience for the whole family. I came up with several ideas like musical elements and real concert tickets. Thats why the whole homepage is based on a violin,  a typical instrument of classical music. You can listen to various music fragments of concerts they gave by clicking on the strings of the violin. When I first showed the homepage to Irina, Bas and Andre they where very enthusiastic and I loved showing the progress to them. The product detail page is also an interactive experience where you can scroll through the range of tickets. In the end, when you bought the ticket, the ticket is torn in two pieces as in real life.  
I love to see new assignments as real life adventures. Thats what we do. 


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