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A new family member of CloudsWork – Lab

One of the things that we think is really important is to build a right culture within the company.
While our team is growing its important to create an environment were everyone is happy, and love what they are doing.

In an industry that is changing quickly its important to take time to study the new trends and possibilities.
That is why we make time to work on our own projects, just for fun and to challenge ourselves.
We do this in CloudsWork Lab.
Every now and then we have a teammeeting and discuss new ideas and projects we would like to develop.

One of them is, Brebble.
It’s a rating platform made for you and your friends.
Below you will find an article which we wrote last year, on why we build it.
We hope that you have a great week!
And as always, if there is anything to help you with… Let us know.

Team CloudsWork
We listen

Be fucking positive
By Sven ten Hove, creative boss at Lab - CloudsWork

Some thoughts on why we built Brebble.

One of the reasons I really like working on Brebble, and believe that you will use it one day, is that we only rely on people who want to share positive experiences.

The biggest change we made a while ago in our update is that you are only able to share things you recommend. The things you like.

Share the experiences you think your friends should experience as well.

Positivity will win in the end.

The internet is a great place for people who like to complain, the events of last week prove my point. Personally I don’t see any benefit of doing so.

If you want to complain about the things you discover, go to fucking Facebook or get angry on Yelp (or Iens, for my Dutch friends).

For those who complain, isn’t it better to share the perspectives on how you would like to solve the problem as well? And is every struggle not the beginning of something great?

But that’s a story for another time.

When we decided to drop the ‘not-for-me’ function, it wasn’t a smart decision regarding our growth. Because the fact is that people like to complain.

But zero fucks given.

Why do people like to complain? It’s funny you ask and the answer is simple: it’s easier. Yes, that’s correct. Being negative is way easier than being positive.

But if you would ask yourself if it helps anyone or yourself any further the answer is simple, it will be: No.

The people who complain are also louder, they feel more drive to share their thoughts. But I don’t believe this group is bigger.

With Brebble we just want to create a place where people help each other in exploring a bit more of the world around you. The things that deserve our attention.

“But I want to add something I didn’t like…”

Our answer to this is simple. With Brebble you’ll only be able to share positive experiences. We believe this will help the people around you more, then being negative.

Let’s start in sharing more positive experiences.

Let’s make this group louder.

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