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E-commerce, it’s a big world

One of the most important things to do in life is to work on the ideas that inspire you. Things we really like doing, is building interactive products.

Mostly we build E-commerce projects. We always did this based on Magento (we still do), but there are so many great platforms which we want to explore so we are now also building shops based on Shopify and WordPress (Woo-Commerce). On top of that, as we introduced last week, we are developing our own content management system for a small niche market.

Where we all think the E-commerce world is quite big! The real growth isn’t even started yet.

But that is not the reason why we like building shops. It’s you, the entrepreneur, the person who works with the shop everyday why, thats why we love what we do.

That’s one of the reasons that we interviewed the people behind the shops. What is their story, why did they start and what did they learn along the way.

This week we spoke to Jade Michelle Drake.

We hope its inspires you!

CloudsWork team


Every week we’ll go behind the scenes with one of the webshops. Today with Jade Michelle Drake, she will tell us more about their company Vinylify. The company allows anyone, anywhere to create their own personalised vinyl records from scratch, online.


Digital Marketeer to venture-builder

Jade is a 25 years old new business developer and currently head of Vinylify. She gained experience in digital marketing and as a Sales Manager of Exponential Interactive, a company in global advertising intelligence and digital media solutions, servicing brands such as Samsung and L’Oréal.
Back to the future

Everyday people have the ability to stream online music. With services like Spotify or iTunes music we are able to listen to millions of tracks. This triggered the team. They were asking themselves how they could set up a service that would make the millions of tracks available digitally, accessible on vinyl. 

After exploring the concept, prototyping, and testing Vinylify was born. So you are probably wondering what makes this concept different. Well you can actually create your own personalized record online.

First select your music, then upload an image for your cover and the product will be delivered wherever you want. Currently vinylify is the only provider of its kind with an “upload your own music” feature and such a streamlined online ordering process.

The most rewarding about this unique product according to the Drake is their audience. Their customers are excited about making their records and have fun doing it. That is what makes it even more important for the team to constantly brainstorm cool new features and make the user experience better and better. 
Vinyl is hot and happening

To kick-start the concept they launched under a temporary marketing campaign with a well-known beer brand. After the campaign, the concept was still alive and kicking. They received loads of emails and calls requesting to continue the use of the webshop. This was the start of vinylify.com.

Although the online part of the business is working very well, offline there where some challenges. The equipment for cutting the records is very delicate. This became a real bottleneck. But problems are there to be fixed. Now with some technical support they are able to work faster on the issues they’re facing. Some problems took them a day, while the IT guy could fix it in an hour.

You can expect to see the music library expand in the coming period as vinylify partners with labels and international artists. 

Who knows, maybe even a franchise in The States 😉
- Jade Michelle Drake

Growing globally

Mid July Vinylify opened up their services to the international market, and that is a milestone they are very proud of. The requests are coming in from The US, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and many other countries. 

Vinylify can’t wait to start cutting vinyl for the rest of the world!

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