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Newsletter January 2017

We listen #1

First of all, we hope your new year is of to a great start with lots of energy!
We sure did! 
Its always nice to start the year fresh and change some of our habits. 
For us 2017 will be a year full of new adventures. 
Soon we will open a new office in Amsterdam, starting a new internal company where we develop our own E-commerce platform and we will focus more on the design and marketing process of building digital products. We already hired new people for both services. 
More about all of this later this month! 
For now we are particularly interested in how things are going on your side. 
We really want to know! 
If there is anything exciting going on, or if you need any help with what so ever. 
Dont hesitate to drop by, or call/mail us. 
We are here to listen. 
Team CloudsWork. 
ps.    What do you think of our new brand? See the header image with our new logo! 
pss.  This newsletter is our newsletter, in which we give updates and try to connect with you. Subscribe at     backoffice@cloudswork.com

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